Unternehmen online – Digitization of Accounting and Connected Clients

Unternehmen online is a cloud solution in which all necessary documents for daily business processes can be stored or processed. Clients’ accounting information is securely stored with DATEV cloud solution.

The extent to which receipts, account statements and wages accounting will be processed by you can be defined individually.

Login to 'Unternehmen online' can be done either by means of a USB stick or an app on your smartphone.

Financial accounting with “Unternehmen online”

Please see: www.datev.de/web/de/top-themen/unternehmer/weitere-themen/datev-unternehmen-online/das-alles-ist-unternehmen-online/

Order Management online

Please see: www.datev.de/web/de/top-themen/unternehmer/weitere-themen/datev-unternehmen-online/datev-auftragswesen-online/

Digital Payroll Accounting

Please see: www.datev.de/web/de/top-themen/unternehmer/weitere-themen/digitale-lohnabrechnung-mit-ihrem-steuerberater/

Costs (without sales tax)

Unternehmen online per month 10,50 €
Basic storage volume 5 GB 3,50 €
Memory expansion per 1 GB 1,00 €
Order management online per month 5,00 €
Retrieval of bank account transactions depending on fees charged by respective bank

We would be happy to demonstrate Unternehmen online at your office using a sample client with your own documents.

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